Porto Koufo


Porto Koufo is a bay whose inn is a natural small port with an entrance direction from South to North. It is located in the Toroneos Gulf near the south-western end of Sithonia. It is one of the safest bays and anchorages in Northern Greece that although its entrance is on the west side of the peninsula, then the bay turns 90 degrees north thus providing safe coverage regardless of the direction of the wind.It is noted that the entrance of Porto Koufo bay at a distance from the sea is indistinguishable. For this reason there are two lighthouses on either side of the entrance. During the day the safe entrance is achieved by aligning the middle of the entrance with the Trikrano peak of Mount Athos.It is noteworthy that during World War II, it was used by German submarines due to its strategic position, which provided natural air cover and direct access to the Aegean. The Germans, during World War II, used it as a base and fortified it strongly. Today, it is a quiet small fishing village that is evolving into a remarkable tourist resort of Sithonia. Porto Koufo was the ancient port of Toronea, a safest anchorage for Toronean ships. The port retains its ancient name to this day, since then it was called Kofos port, because the ancients claimed that whoever is in the bay does not hear the roar of the sea at all.

Porto Koufo is 146 km from Thessaloniki and 82 km from the capital of the Prefecture of Halkidiki, Polygyros.Port of Porto Koufo has been adapted to a small fishing port (shelter), but with a limited facility for mooring small tourist boats and yachts.

The geographical coordinates of the port are:
39.97′ 04.11” B
23.91′ 88.75” E

  • Yachts
  • 100 guests
  • Sailing boats
  • Fish boats
  • Catamarans